why do we need the Creator

why do we need the Creator

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why do we need the Creator

We know the laws governing the universe and know well the cause of earthquakes, why do we need the Creator as long as we know the laws?

The atheist assumes that the laws are sufficient to create the universe and cause it to emerge. Stephen Hawking relied on this introduction, assuming that the Law of Attraction is sufficient for the emergence of the universe, as he explained in his last book: The Great Design

Hawking`s report has spread in the world's newspapers and has been widely circulated in the media, and the popular sites.

Regardless of the nonesense of this claim by simply thinking about the source of the law of gravity, or the one who established it or who gave it the status of intervention and showing the impact?

Regardless of these initial axioms, the laws of gravity do not lead to the rolling the billiard ball. 

The law alone is incapable of doing anything without the appearance of the thing.

The law of gravity will not produce a billiard ball but will only move it when it appears and the billiard stick strikes it

The Law of Gravity is not an independent thing, rather it is a description of a natural event.

The Law of Gravity will not move the billiard ball without the force pressing the billiard stick and moving it. Here only the billiard ball moves and shows the effect of the law of Gravity.

But the Atheist assumes that the laws of gravity are enough to create a billiard ball, a billiards stick and move the ball.

Which of them is closer to reason and logic: religion or atheism?

Similarly the internal combustion laws in the car engine will not create a motor vehicle.

If we add internal combustion laws to the car engine, the motor will not work. It must be the gasoline that gives energy, the spark must be ignited and the motor must be there before. Only here are the laws of internal combustion appears so that the motor works.

It is not reasonable to assume that the internal combustion laws are sufficient to create the motor, the spark of combustion, the gasoline, the driver and the road.

Then this assumption will cause us to enter in the sequence of actors that we explained in the answer to the previous question.

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