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Advance and delay

Advance and delay

Abdullah ibn Mushabbib al-Qahtāni
22/03/2023 28


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Questions about God

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  • Ruling on Abandoning Salaah

    Site Team

    The Islamic Ruling on abandoning Salah out of laziness or denial of its obligation with clarifying the difference between them.

    17/10/2015 7238
  • Who is God ?

    Soliman Ashkar

      Etymology of the Word  The term "Allah" the Almighty is originally an Arabic word, which was

    19/10/2009 67965
  • Does God know future?

    Yousef Estes

    Does God know everything that is going to happen? - Does He have absolute control on the outcome of

    19/11/2009 24510
  • Belief in the Last Day

    knowing Allah

    Belief in the Last Day includes belief in the torment of the grave and its pleasures

    22/04/2010 10289


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