law of causality

law of causality

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law of causality

How did we know that the moment of the emergence of the universe was based on the law of causality? Or in other words: Does the law of causality apply to outside the universe?

We approve the causal law on the existence because it is a primary law.

since the universe exists then there is an influence that caused it to exist.

 Recently, it has been scientifically proven that the universe was created by an operator who created it, known as operatoer formulation of quantum mechanics

 It must be operated according to quantum mechanics.

Otherwise the universe would not have appeared

This means that the law of occurrence and causality applies to the universe itself at the moment it appeared.

15-But why does the law of causality not apply to the Creator? Or in other words: Who created the Creator?

First: it is obvious that the laws that apply to the creatures is not applicable to the creator.

Otherwise we would say: Who cooked the chef?

And who painted the painter?

 It is obvious that the Creator caused the time and place to exist. Therefore, the laws that he created are not applicable to him.


  Everything that took place must have a reason that caused it to take place, this is true; but the Creator is not like the creatures { There is nothing like unto Him, and He is the Hearing, the Seeing.i }

42: 11

  Thirdly, the Creator must be eternal and his existence is a must, otherwise we will return to the problem of "the sequence of the actors which necessarily leads to the absence of the acts", which we previously explained in details.

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