answered by an atheist

answered by an atheist

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answered by an atheist

What are the questions that will not be answered by an atheist?

A- How did the existence emerged from no time and no place?

How does the atheist claim that his atheism is true and the moment of the beginning of existence is an evidence of the creation?   

B-How did no life move to life?
How did the dead substance move into living cells?

Today we reached the summit of technology. However, we can not create the simplest forms of life. How do we attribute the appearance of life to blind substance?

If the dead blind substance could produce forms of life, then we can produce forms of life that is better than these forms of life.

C - How can the atheists defend the genocide of all the people of the earth from the view of atheism?
What is the mental, or material or scientific evidence which he provides to confirm that the extermination of all the people of the earth is a mistake?

The material world knows neither wrong nor right basis
So the annihilation of all the people of the earth is equal to reviving them from the astheism view.

D - atheism assumes that humans are just animals that came in a chain of evolution from inferior beings!
What if a superior object appeared?

Is it permissible for this being to put the humans in the animal cages and to use them in their pharmaceutical experiments?
The explicit answer according to the reality of Darwinism is: Yes.

This eliminates any hope of protecting human beings or providing any meaning or purpose to his existence within the atheism.
Atheism here can not explain the truth of man.

E) What if the theory of evolution proves that human race is superior to another race? Is the higher one entitled to convert the lowest race to a used material as we deal with the insects and the animals of minimal evolution? The answer of the material Darwinism is: Yes.

This ensures the collapse of atheism within the normal minds and sound souls that believes in the fact that human superiority lies in piety, not in the color of the skin or in the efficiency of the muscles.
F – The atheist assumes that morality is relative. For example, honesty may be better than treachery, and the contrary may be true. The atheist mentions his allegations, he decides in advance that it is absolute; it has only one aspect, for example honesty is better than treachery. If morality is relative, the suspicion has no meaning, because he will not be able to decide that there is a violation of a moral standard.

This is a clear contradiction. Is morality relative or absolute?

If it is absolute, then atheism would end because this means that morality carries a great existential dimension - the will of God and the divine commissioning.
Yet, if it is relative, it means that the atheist has no reason to mention a suspicion or to understand the existence of a suspicion at all.

G) How did the amazing physical constants of the universe emerge?
The physical constants are a difference in the measurements of energy in the material from which the universe emerged, and this difference is very precise, if it is disturbed the universe would not have emerged. An example is the Cosmological Constant, whose value varies by less than a fraction of a zero, followed by 123 zero and 1 by one for the entire universe to collapse.

This physical constant confirms the existence of fine tuning and great making; and many are the physical constants, all of which are accurate and amazing.

H-How did the coding system appear within the cells of organisms (the genome)? 

It is known that encryption has to be encrypted, and putting the information within the genome aimed at a specific code that performs a specific function - the formation of the eye, for example - this is only done by a wise capable maker, for the information is nothing but information. 

I-How do you justify the existence of morality and values from the atheism perception?
Atheism considers the world to be mere atoms with no meaning or purpose.
This is the greatest motivation to poison the morality and destroy the meaning of morality.
If ethics exist, then atheism is not true.

J: Summary of inference against atheism.
Since there is light then according to the direct mental perception there is a source of light.
Since there is a shadow, this means that there is an object.
Since there are finely tuned objects from quarks to the galaxy, then there must be one who caused it to exist.
This is the Qur'anic inference, which is the easiest of the inferences and the least in steps.

Therefore, Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

{ Do you not consider those who dispute concerning the signs of Allah - how are they averted? Those who deny the Book and that with which We sent Our messengers - they are going to know} ).

Quran (69-70

So how are you averted?To which evidence would you resort?

The atheist has noting but the lack of knowledge, tampering and believing in the impossible.

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