the Eternal God specifically

the Eternal God specifically

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the Eternal God specifically

What is the objection that there is a physical reason which created the universe; for example: another civilization or something else? 

Why to judge that he is the Eternal God specifically?

There is a basis established by the scholars of Islam for more than a thousand years. This rule says: "Sequencing in the actors necessarily leads to the absence of acts"

Sequence in the actors: the presence of more than a creator, in this question we have another civilization and a preceded civilization which produced it and an earlier civilization that preceded and produced them and so on. If there is a sequence of the creators.This sequence necessarily will lead to the non-occurrence of the acts
i.e. the absence of the creatures such as the universe, man and others
the sequence in the actors leads to the non-occurrence of the universe and the existence.

If one civilization depends on the emergence of another civilization created by the other civilization depends on the emergence of the previous civilization created by so and so to infinity, neither this civilization nor the one preceded it the civilizations preceded them will not exist.

There must be an eternal creator who created everything

If we want another simplistic example, we may say: We have a collection of domino stones that follow each other so that if a stone falls, the rest of the stones will fall in succession. Here we say that the domino stone will not fall unless a stone fall before it and so on. Thus, no stone will fall unless the succession domino stones fall begins.
 If the dominoes were infinite, no stone would have fallen

If there is an infinite sequence, there will be no creatures, no existed beings, because the existence of the actor will depend on a previous actor and therefore his acts will not appear until after he emerges, and his emergence depends on others whose emergence depend on others. Thus, if the sequence is infinite there would be no creation and no actions.

There must be an originator who caused the creation to appear.
Here we are sure of the Creator, who is not preceded by anything

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