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Dr Fakhruddin bin Zubair Al-Mahsi

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1. Begin by stating al-niyyah (intention) to perform wudu in theheart.

2. It is preferable to use the miswak before wudu, then to say: Bismillah (in the name of Allah).

3. Wash the hands up to the wrists thoroughly three times.

4. Take some water in your hand and rinse the mouth and the nose together. Wash the mouth and inhale three  times.

5. Wash the face three times, from ear to ear and from the hairline to the chin. It is of sunnah for men to wash the hair of their beards.

6. Wash the arms and hands from the fingertips up to the elbows three times, start with the right hand then the left one.

7. Wipe the head starting with the hands at the front of the head, bringing them to the back of the head and then back to the front again.

8. Wipe the ears by putting the index fingers in the ears and wiping the back with the thumbs.

9. Wash the feet three times up to the ankles and wipe in between the toes, start with the right foot then the left one.

10. Finish wudu saying (there is no God but Allah, and Mohammad is the Prophet of Allah. Oh Allah! Include meamong those who repent and those who keep themselves pure).

11. It is also allowed to wipe the head turban (Amamh), and it is not allowed to awash more than three times or waste in water.

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