The second pillar: prayer (salat)

Dr Fakhruddin bin Zubair Al-Mahsi

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One of its conditions is purity:

ᴑ To be purified from minor impurity by wudu (ablution), from major impurity by major ablution, and from impurities by removing them.

ᴑ The minor impurity is what necessitates wudu, and it is called wudu invalidators, including the following:

1. Urination, defecation, and flatulence.

2. Spermatorrhea discharge: it is what comes out from the human body during sexual intercourse, in addition to what comes out after urination.

3. Touching the private parts with lust and without any barrier.

4. Deep sleep leaving one unconscious.

5. The absence of mind due to drinking alcohol or fainting. 6. Eating camel meat and this is for those who follow Al-Hanbali school.

As for the major ritual impurity: it is what necessitates major ablution and includes the following:

1. Intercourse even if there isn’t any spermatorrhea discharge.

2. Spermatorrhea discharge while waking or sleeping.

3. Menstruation and postpartum.

4. When a disbeliever converts into Islam.

ᴑ Impurities include the following:

1. Urination and defecation of humans and all inedible animals. As for the edible animals, they are pure.

2. Spermatorrhea discharge and what comes out after urination.

3. Spilt blood.

4. Menstruation and postpartum blood.

5. Dogs and lions’ saliva.

6. Flesh of swine and what is inedible of animals such as donkeys and lions.

7. Carrion except for sea food, locusts, and bugs such as flies, bees, and ants.

ᴑ One who prays should clean his body, clothes, and the place of prayer out of these impurities. Also, he should wash out after urination and defecation but not flatulence. Moreover, bad smells in clothes or breath should be removed even if one is praying alone for what hurts humans, hurts the angels.

ᴑ Touching without knowing that impurities are there, does not invalidate wudu.

ᴑ If he knows about the impurity while praying, he should remove it if he can and continue his prayers.

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