Voluntary prayers

Dr Fakhruddin bin Zubair Al-Mahsi

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1. Spending the night in worship with al-Witr after al-Isha’a until before al-Fajr. Its best time is in the last third of the night, the least number of raka’ahs is one, and the best is eleven raka’ahs. One prays every two raka’ahs together and it has different methods. Hence, it is not allowed to perform two Witr in one night and it is sunnah to feel humble in the last raka’a of al-Witr.

2. Ad-Duha prayer (the forenoon) which consists at least of two raka’ahs and there are no limits to its maximum number. One can pray it starting from after sunrise, then prays what one can when the heat intensifies until before demise at noon.

3. Wudu prayer: every time one performs wudu, he prays two raka’ahs.

4. Prayers for entering and leaving the house.

5. Prayer of coming from travel.

6. Prayer between Adhaan and Iqama.

7. Prayer in Masjid Quba, which equals Umra.

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