Worthlessness of this world

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Worthlessness of this world

37) Narrated Anas  that Allah's Messenger said: One of the most miserable people in the world will be brought from among the people of Paradise. Allah will say (to the angels): Dip him once in Paradise. So they will dip him once in it. Then Allah will ask him: Did you ever face any distress or a thing you hate. He would say: No, by Your Glory! Never did I face anything unpleasant. Then one of the most affluent people of the world will be brought from Hell. Allah will command (the angels:) Dip him once in it. Then He will ask him: 0 son of Adam! Did you ever enjoy any comfort? (that is, a dip in Hell can make one forget the meaning of comfort).

(This Haditb is sound and reported in Musnad Ahmad).


A person who led a life of ease and plenty in this world.

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