The story of Musa and the Angel of Death

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The story of Mfisa and the Angel of Death

108) Narrated AbU Huraira  that Allah's Messenger said: Once the Death Angel came to Mflsa (Moses) and said to him: Respond to the order of your Lord. The Prophet  said: Musa  hit the angel over his eye and gouged it out. The Prophet  added: The angel returned to Allah, the Exalted, and complained: You sent me to a slave who does not want death. Rather he has ganged out my eye. The Prophet  said: Allah set the angels eye right and said: Go back to My slave and ask him: Do you want life? If you wish to live long, put your hand on the back of an ox. The more hair you grasp in your hand, the more years you will live. At this Musa said: Then what will happen? The angel said: Then you have to die. Musasaid: It is better to die now. Then he invoked Allah: 0 Lord! Let me die near the Holy Land (palestine) by a shot of a stone.

(This Hadith is sound and reported by Muslim).

This Hadith highlights the fact that nobody wants to die or rather fears the idea. This fear of the inner-self teaches us another fact, namely, that people fear the unknown conditions of them in the Hereafter. Death is not the end. Innerselves believe that there is something after death, but the disbelievers reject this idea. 

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