The Data Bank of Our Body : Dna

Harun Yahya

Allah created the feathers of the peacock that we enjoy so much. Darwin, however, said that they "make him sick" since he did not want to believe this truth.

We have said before that there are trillions of cells in the human body. Each of these cells includes the data about all the person's features. What we have not yet mentioned is where inside the cell all of this data is stored.

This is a model of DNA Inside DNA, there is enough data to fill about 900 volumes of an encyclopaedia.










Inside the nucleus of each cell, there are parts containing DNA. DNA holds all the information about the human body. All the data, such as the colour of your hair or your eyes, your inner organs, the way you look, your height, is all stored in your DNA. This data can be encoded using 4 different chemicals referred to by the letters, A, T, G, and C. Each letter shows the first letter of a molecule's name. These four chemicals aligned in different combinations can form different data. You can compare this to an alphabet. For example, there are 26 letters in the English alphabet, and different combinations of these letters form different words.

There is a lot of information stored in the DNA. To realise just how vast this information is, we can make the following comparison: If we had to write down all the information in the DNA, we would end up with a large library of 900 volumes, each of 500 pages. This library would have to be about the length of a soccer field. However, all this knowledge has been fitted into a tiny molecule that we can't even see with our eyes.

So, who has put all this information in there? Who was able to fit it all in? Evolutionists have no choice but to continue their rehearsed line, "It all happened by chance". However, it is very unlikely that something as difficult as this could happen by chance.

Above, we gave the example of a library. We said that the data in DNA is enough to pack volumes that would fill a library the length of a soccer field. When you see such a library, would you believe that the data in all those volumes was written as a result of a coincidence? Or rather, would you think that they were written by educated scholars and professors, and then published by a book company? Obviously, the latter is the logically correct answer.

Do you know what it sounds like when evolutionists claim that DNA was formed by chance? It sounds like someone saying, "There was an explosion in the publishing house and all of these volumes of books happened by themselves."

Maybe while you were sitting at your desk in school, you came across a page that had the title "Geographic Features of the World", and when you asked who had written this page, a friend of yours replied: "A little while ago there was a bottle of ink on this paper. I incidentally spilled it and this writing appeared!" Would you not think that he had lost his mind?

Evolutionists claim something that is even more unlikely.

As even a page of writing cannot be without a writer, neither can a huge data bank such as DNA happen by itself.

Allah, Who is the Almighty and the All-wise, Who has power to do anything, Who is the Creator of the heavens and earth and whatever else in between them, is also the Creator of DNA.




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