Meaning of al-Ibadah

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Meaning of al-Ibadah
The basic meaning of Ibadah is humility and submission. In the Sharee'ah, it has numerous definitions but their meaning is one. From them are:
-To worship Allah in conformity to what He has ordered upon the tongues of His Messenger.
-Utmost submission with utmost love for Allah.
-A more general meaning of al-Ibadah is that it is a comprehensive term for everything that Allah loves and is pleased with from speech and actions -inwardly and outwardly.
Worship is categorized as worship of the heart, tongue and limbs.
-Fear, hope, love, reliance, desire, reverence are worships of the heart.
-Glorifying Allah, thanking Allah by the tongue and heart are worships of the heart and tongue.
-Salaat, Zakaat, Hajj are worships of the limbs and heart.
Apart from these, there are numerous other worships of the heart, tongue and limbs.
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