Hazardousness of Shirk

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Hazardousness of Shirk

(joining partners with Allah)

3) Narrated Abu Huraira that Prophet Muhammad said: On the Day of Resurrection, Ibrahi (Abraham) will see his father Azar (in such a pitiable condition) that his face will be dark and covered with dust. Then Ibrahim will remind him: Did I not warn you against denying me? His father will reply: Today I will not deny you. Then, Ibrahim will say: 0 Lord! You have promised not to disgrace me on the Day of Resurrection. So what will be more disgraceful to me than my wretched father. Allah will say: I have forbidden Paradise for disbelievers.Then it will be said: 0 Ibrahim, Look! what is underneath your feet? He will look and see his father as a Hyena besmeared with dirt caught by the legs and thrown into Hell.


Due to infidelity, Azar will not be forgiven inspite of his son Ibrahim's intercession for him and he will be transformed into an animal and cast into Hell. It also proves that the pagans whoever they are by kinship, will be forbidden from entering Paradise for ever. They will remain in Hell and suffer the agonies of torment which they had been frightened of by the Messengers of Allah at different times.

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