Hadith Qudsi 91

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91) Narrated Anas bin Malik  that Allah's Messenger  said: Once Jibrael brought me a white mirror having a black dot. So, I asked: 0 Jibrael! What is this? He said: This is Friday. Allah has made it a festival for you and your followers. So you have been given preference more than the Jews and Christians. There is an hour on Friday nothing any slave ask is not answered. Then the Prophet said: I asked: What is this black spot? The angel replied: This is the Final Hour that will take place on a Friday. We call it "Al-Mazid". The Prophet said: I asked him: What is the hour of Al-Mazid? He said: Allah has made in Paradise a wide valley in which He has created dunes of white musk. When it is Friday, Allah will descend to it. The pulpits of gold are kept there for the Prophets and chairs made of pearl are arranged for the martyrs and the maidens with big lustrous eyes will get down from their upstair rooms. They all praise Allah and glorify Him. The Prophet said: Then Allah will say: Cloth My slaves. So they will be dressed. He will say: Feed My slaves. So they will be fed. He will say: Make them drink. So they will be made to drink. He will say: Perfume My slaves. So they will be perfumed. Then He will ask: What do you want? They will say: 0 our Lord! We want Your pleasure. The Prophet  said: Allah will say: I am pleased with you. Then He will order them to disperse. So they will deport. And the maidens with big lustrous eyes ascend to the upstair rooms, which are made of green emerald and red ruby.

(This Hadlth is sound and reported in Musnad of Abi Ya'la).

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