Falsification Test

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Falsification Test


I suggest to you that the next time you get into dispute

with someone about Islam and he claims that he has the

truth and that you are in darkness, you leave all other arguments at first and make this suggestion. Ask him, "Is

there any falsification test in your religion? Is there

anything in your religion that would prove you are wrong

if I could prove to you that it exists - anything?" Well, I can

promise right now that people will not have anything - no

test, no proof, nothing! This is because they do not carry

around the idea that they should not only present what

they believe but should also offer others a chance to prove

they're wrong. However, Islam does that.


A perfect example of how Islam provides man with a

chance to verify it authenticity and "prove it wrong" occurs in this chapter. And quiet honestly, I was very surprised when I first discovered this challenge. It states

(Surah An-Nisa, 4:82):



"Do they not consider the Quran? Had it been from

any other than Allah, they would surely have found

therein much discrepancy."


This is a clear challenge to the non-Muslim. Basically, it

invites him to find a mistake. As a matter of fact, the seriousness and difficulty of the challenge aside, the actual presentation of such a challenge in the first place is not

even in human nature and is inconsistent with man's personality. One doesn't take an exam in school and after

finishing the exam, write a note to the instructor at the end saying, "This exam is perfect. There are no mistakes in it.

Find one if you can!" One just doesn't do that. The teacher would not sleep until he found a mistake! And yet this is

the way the Quran approaches people.

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