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Different kinds of worship([1])
There are different kinds of worship which fall into the following:
Verbalsuch as testifying that there is no god but Allah [La Illaha illa Allah].
 Practical such as striving in the cause of Allah [Jihad] and removing harm from the way of people.
Spiritualsuch as that relating to the Muslim's relation with his Lord including modesty, love, fear, hope and the like.  
Acts of worship which combine all of these kinds such as prayer.
In addition to what is previously mentioned, worship also includes the following kinds:
Zakat [alms giving].  
Hajj [major pilgrimage].
Telling the truth.
Fulfilling trust.
Dutifulness to parents.
Maintaining the ties of kinship.
Fulfilling covenants.
Enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil.
Fighting against the hypocrites and disbelievers.  
Being kind to orphans, poor, wayfarer, servants and animals.
Dhikr[remembrance of Allah].
Slaughtering sacrificial animals.
Vows [for Allah's sake].
Seeking refuge in Allah from evils.
Asking Allah for help and support.
Tawakul[Putting trust in Allah].
Istighfar[Asking Allah for forgiveness]. 
It is impermissible to dedicate such acts of worship to anyone but Allah; and whoever does this is considered a polytheist [mushrik]. 
[1]See Tayseer al-'Aziz al-Hamid pages 39-42, Al-Irshad by Sheikh Salih al-Fawazan p.19 and 'Aqidat At-Tawhid by Sheikh Mohammed Khalil Harras pages 47-70.  
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