Allah in Judaism

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The Jews believe in One God "Allah", the Creator of everything with no partner, nothing is like unto Him and He is invisible to all creatures.   

Evidence on monotheistic Judaism is mentioned in Deuteronomy 6/4 a verse which says: “Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God is one Lord...”

All the Prophets sent to the people of Israel, from Ibrahim and Musa to Dawud and Solaiman, called to monotheism. Meaning, Allah is One, the Great, nothing is like unto Him, He is invisible to all creations, does not eat, drink or sleep. He has no partner, He is the Creator of everything that exists, Angles fear Him and all creatures are submissive to His names.


Monotheism is the sound doctrine that Allah sent down with the Prophets to the people of Israel. However, after the distortion of the Torah that the Jewish monks did, some words of this Book became contradictory to the concept of monotheism. They ascribed human attributes to Allah. So that we may read that Allah gets angry and people did evil before His hand. Consequently, Allah or the Lord does not hesitate to fight humans; He gets angry, jealous, blames, envies and sends His wrath upon them.



This greatly proves that the Jewish monks were influenced by the doctrine preceded the advent of the Prophets to the people of Israel.  Therefore, they ascribed to Allah such human attributes considering Him like a primitive god who is like all humans loves, hates, grieves, feel jealous, fights by hand and asks for his share in food and residence as it was repeatedly mentioned in the texts of Torah.   


In addition, the name "Elohim" that the Jews use to refer to Allah reflects great confusion in their own belief. This is because this name is the plural for the word "god" meaning "deities" and not one god. Although they admitted the oneness of God at that time, they suffered a cultural shortcoming before the advent of Prophets and attributed pluralism to Allah.        

During another phase, the Jews did not pronounce the name of God claiming that they keep His Name pure. They transcribed it as "Yahweh", pronounced it as "Adonai" i.e. "the master" or "Hashem" i.e. "the name".    


To conclude, despite the fact that the Jews have gone astray and deviated from the true teachings of Torah, they still worship One God without associating any partners with Him.     




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