The living beings' ability to resist factors of extinctions

Omar Sulaiman Al Ashkar

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The living beings' ability to resist factors of extinctions


Professor Yusuf Ezz al-Deen, a researcher, said: "All living beings, from the lowest to the highest categories, share a common characteristic which is the ability to resist the factors of extinction. This is because it is the will of their Creator to keep them protected against extinction. The virus of influenza, for example, changes into different forms every now and then to resist extinction. Likewise, insects, throughout time, develop immunity against insecticides to resist the factors of extinction.

It is even noticed that the rate of birth in human beings increases at the times of war. Likewise, the result for forgetting to take contraceptive pills for few days, for a woman who regularly takes them, is to give birth to multiple twines to keep the balance in human species. A person who has any of his kidneys removed for whatever reason, his remaining one expands to function for both. It seems as if there is a mind within the human's body that realizes the shortage, and thus it works to make it up.   

It is Allah alone Who provided these beings with such extraordinary ability to keep the balance of its existence and resist extinction. Allah provided many animals with the means to defend themselves. There is no difference between humans and animals in these means, so that man is not different from scorpions, snakes, centipedes and the like. It is then impossible to claim that this law which is common in all beings is the outcome of a blind accident since accident can never manifest itself in a regular law that governs the all living beings in this way".          


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