Who will save you from me now?

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Who will save you from me now?


There was a small community in an isolated area. Weak and defenseless, the people of this community lived with fear and anxiety, because they were relentlessly attacked by a gang of bandits.

We can hardly imagine their fear. It is the fear of the helpless facing a strong and ruthless abuser person. These bandits knew only a law, the law of the jungle. Like beasts, they did not follow any code of ethics, except his own hunger and lust. Anyone whom they could subject was a target for sure.

Although the community lived in the desert, before the band arrived, they enjoyed peace and security sufficient to thrive. But now they were being despoiled of their lives, their freedom and their dignity. Desperate, they raised a cry for help.

One of the chiefs of the region heard the distress call and decided to answer it, so organized an army of men which he headed himself; to put an end to these abuses and oppression. The news of this mobilization quickly spread, and soon reached the ears of the bandits, which forced them to flee and seek refuge near the mountains. They hid among the highest peaks which could find, waiting to be saved. They knew very well that they could find their end in the same place where they were hiding, but hoped at least to get the necessary forces and ambush their pursuers.

When these forces of aid arrived, they bet on a nearby mountain which would ensure them a strategic position. But they found that the bandits had escaped. Shortly after his arrival a storm reached them, flooding the valleys near the mountain. The leader of the army was soaked to the bone. Once the storm passed, found a place where to get the clothes to let them dry. He found a tree, took off his clothes and hung it on a branch that it dried. He sat under the tree to rest the tiring journey. So much was the fatigue that he fell exhausted and surrendered to the sleep.

One of the bandits was watching all this with interest, and said to himself: "This is an excellent opportunity to dominate the leader while he sleeps." "And in this way, nobody would oppose in our path."


He came down from the mountain; he crossed the Valley sneaking, reaching the low tree where the leader was sleeping. He approached slowly and he saw that beside him was the sword, so looking around he made sure that nobody was watching and took the sword, wielded it and threatened the leader.

The bandit, boasting of his prowess, exclaimed: "who will save you from me now?" -The leader woke up with these words and found the bandit standing, threatening him above his head and with the sword in his hand. He realized immediately that the frowning bandit had disarmed him and it was threatening him to death. Imagine the situation, what we could do?

The leader kept calm, he stood up and very calmly after listening to the bandit’s threats, and replied:"Al-lah will save me".
The bandit felt a chill in his body and under his arm, so strong, that he dropped the sword. The leader took the opportunity to get back his weapon, which ominously directed to his attacker and made him the same question that he asked to him before: "who will save you from me now?"

Imagine that you are in the position of the leader. What would you do with the bandit? Do you think that your mental state would give you a chance to think before acting? Do you think that someone would blame you for taking his life, as you'd be defending yourself?

However, this leader had a strong and magnanimous heart, so great that he knew the grudge or revenge. He considered the rancor as a sign of weakness. Imagine that the leader not only forgave the bandit but that also offered the chance to join them. However, this malefactor coarsely rejected the proposal. And despite this, the leader did not lose his temper and simply said: "then go, you know the way"

The bandit began to turn away hurriedly, but then stopped and said: "I will not fight against you but I will not join any group who fights with you". This, by itself, was a sufficiently acceptable result.

The bandit strongly impacted by what happened, returned to his band and told them everything that happened and how lucky he was of being alive.
This leader was Muhammad, sal-la Al-lahu aleihi wa sal-lam, the person that many senseless describe as inhuman and murderer. Here is the answer.





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