The Sky's Return

Dr. ‘Abdullaah ibn ‘Abd Al-‘Aziz Al-Muslih

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Allaah The Almighty Says (what means): {By the sky, that of return.}  

(Quran, 86:11)

Scientific Analysis

Modern meteorology has uncovered some of the secrets of the atmosphere and the benefits and protection it presents for the earth. These benefits include:

1. The restoration of water vapor through rain.

2. The remission of meteors, repelling them back into space.

3. The deflection of deadly radiation, pushing it far from the planet.

[Note: All of this restoration, remission, repulsion, deflection, and pushing refer to a single meaning, i.e. causing something to return, just like the act of reflection mentioned below.]

4. The reflection of short and medium wave radio signals back to the earth. One could consider the atmosphere like a mirror, reflecting these rays and electromagnetic waves. It reflects—or causes to return—whatever is broadcast to it, like television and wireless signals, after going through the upper ionosphere. This is the basis of how radio and television broadcasting systems operate throughout the world.

5. The atmosphere also reflects heat. It acts as a protective shield against the sun's heat during the day, just as it works as a cover at night to keep the earth's heat from escaping. Without this balance, life would be impossible on our planet, whether due to extreme heat during the day or extreme chill during the night.

The Miracle

{By the sky, that of return} indicates that a very important trait of the sky, which encompasses the earth, is found in the process of return.

>span >Forerunning exegetes understood this to refer to rain alone. But modern science has shown a deeper relationship between “return” and the atmosphere. A number of phenomena previously unknown to humankind have been only recently discovered.

The word raj' [translated as “return” in the verse above] can mean “to bring back” or “to return something to its starting point”. That is, it means to repel something and to cause it to return in the direction of its source, like an echo.

{The sky} here means the lowest heaven, of which the earth's atmosphere is an obvious part. The wording suggests that there should be something of a shield encompassing it, in order to return back every useful thing and to deflect every harmful thing. It has thus been affirmed that the word “return” has implications beyond the mere descent of rain, and that without this trait life would not be sustainable on earth.

The Quran compiled into a single word all that modern science discovered regarding atmospheric peculiarities. Truly great is Allaah, who Says (what means):

{Say: Praise belongs to Allaah. He will show you His Signs. Then you will recognize them. Your Lord is not heedless of what you do.} 

(Quran, 27:93)


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