The pillars of the natural instinct

The pillars of the natural instinct

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It has four pillars which are the key terms

1- Striving to attain sincerity
   2 - The Hereafter is the destination
   3- The Quran is the school
   4 – following the Rabbaneya approach  
   5- seeking knowledge 
   6 – to act according to wisdom 

The first pillar, which is

striving to attain sincerity: It is the lobe and core of the natural instinct , it is an attempt to rebuild the self on its original upright form, it was firstly built according to the instinct, we previously mentioned that the origin of the human instinct is dedicating the worship only to Allah the Lord of the Worlds.

The second pillar: the Hereafter is the destination: it is the balance of the believing caller to guard the purity of his religion. Moreover, it is his compass to adjust the course of his call. there is nothing more associated with the Hereafter in the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - as the pillar of believing in Allah.

The third pillar:

The Quran is the school: It is the distinctive feature of the natural instinct, as it is based primarily on receiving the messages of the Quran, whether through the special programs or through the gatherings of the Quran.

The fourth pillar: 

following the Rabbaneya approach  one of its main educational courses, is that it aims at graduating the class of educator preachers, they are the community who bear the message of the Quran and engage in calling people to it.

The fifth pillar:

seeking knowledge; it is based on the fact that the Sharia knowledge is the foundation of deriving the rules, is the basis for building the people's knowledge of Allah and his religion.

The sixth pillar:

to act according to the wisdom: it is the safety valve for the course of calling to Allah. The absence of wisdom has been a major cause of the loss of many calls and their disintegration, or deviation.

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