The Incarnated God and Creation

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Third: The Incarnated God and Creation


Similar to the Christians’ belief that Jesus the Son is the creator, is the ancient religions' belief in their incarnated gods. The Indians’ sacred books mention that “Krishna the son of god from the virgin Divacki, is the second divine hypostasis in the Holy Trinity, created heavens and earth, and for them (the believers) he is the first and the last”.


In the holy book “Bhagwad Geeta”, Krishna said to his student Argon, “I am the god of the all creations, I created them and humans… know me, I am the creator of humans”.


The Chinese believe that the Father created nothing, and the son Latotho, who was born from a virgin, created everything.


In their prayers to Adermizd, the Persians say, “to Adermizd I pray, for he created everything that was created or will be. He is the wise, the strong, who created the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars.”


The Assyrians believe the same of the first son “Nerdock”, also those who deify “Adonis”, and “Laokion”, and others.


Likewise, in the old Egyptian tradition, the god “Atom” created every living thing by the word, which created life and everything edible, and all what humans love or hate.[1]

[1]- Paganism in Christianity, Mohammad Taher Attenneer, pp 119-120


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