The best that can be done

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The best that can be done

Ibn al - Qayyimhas written on ' Madarij as-Saalikeen ' (1/188) :


“…They say that the best worship is to do what will please the Lord in each time according to what that particular time called.

Then, the best acts of worship during the time of the Jihad is the Jihad, even if that leads to abandon certain rituals such as the night prayer, fasting, etc. In fact, this applies even if these without praying an obligatory prayer in full like you would at the time of reservation and calm.


And best can do thing it when you have a guest, for example, is observing their rights as a guest and worry with that rather than rituals recommended in which you normally ocuparías at that time.

Such is the case also comply with the rights of your wife and family.

The best that can be done during the early hours of the morning is dealing with in prayer, the Qur'an, supplication, remembrance of Allaah and ask his forgiveness.

The best thing you can do when you teach a student or an ignorant person is to return all your attention fully to his teaching.

Best thing you can do during the call to prayer is to leave which want rituals that you're busy and devote yourself to repeat after him who makes the call.

The best that can be done during the five prayers is to try to carry them out in the best possible way and hasten to do them right away, and leaving the mosque - even if it is far - is better.

The best that can be done when someone needs help, physics or financially is to devote yourself to help that person, relieving your anxieties, and put this as a priority over your private worship where you would normally be busy.

The best do when reciting the Qur'an is to have your heart and your mind present to so reflect on this and understand it as if Allaah were managing to you personally with him. Then, have your present heart to understand and think about it and have the enthusiasm to implement his orders is greater than attention from the heart of one who has received a message from a ruler, to that message.

The best thing you can do when it remains standing in ' Arafah is striving to be humble before Allah, begging him, and remind him instead of fasting.

The best that can be done during the first days of Dhu al - Hijjah is increase in worship, especially saying 'Allahu Akbar,' ' LAA ilaaha illa Allah,' and 'Al hamdu lil-Lah.' This is better here than the Jihad is not an individual obligation.

The best that can be done during the last ten nights of Ramadan is to stay in the mosque and secluirse self in it, without mixing with others and be distracted by them. This is the best to the point, which is better to teach and practice the Qur'an with them according to many scholars.

The best thing you can do when you have a brother who is sick or dying is visiting you, attend his funeral, and prefer this over your worship in private or social activities.

And the best thing you can do when you becomes a disaster or people you hurts, is to comply with the obligation to have patience while continuous interacting with them and not flee from them, since the believer who mix with people and is patient despite its damage to him, is better than the believer who does not mix with them and is not damaged by them.

And the best thing that you can interact with them is in that which is good, and this is better than isolating them in this case. As for the bad things, it is better to isolate them in this case. However, if you know be mixed in this case, it will help to remove or reduce the evil, it is best to mix with them that leave them.

Then, the best that can be done in each time and situation is what will please Allah at that particular time and situation and focus the main obligation in that particular time and whatever is required or need..."



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