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20- Supplication:

Ibn Rajab, may Allaah have mercy upon him, said, “One of the greatest and most important things is to ask Allaah The Almighty to endow you with perfect love for Him.”

O Allaah! Your love and satisfaction are the ultimate wish of hearts that long to be true believers; I ask You to provide us with Your love!  

O Allaah! O our Lord! Love us, and be satisfied with us. Make Your love dearer to us than ourselves, our family and cold water.

O Allaah, make the things which You have provided us enable us to be more dedicated to You.

O Allaah, make Your love the dearest of things to me and Your anger the most feared thing to me, and if You delight the seekers of this world with worldly pleasures, then delight my heart with Your worship.

O Allaah, make me from those who love You, Your angels, Messengers, and righteous slaves; O Allaah, make me loved by You, Your angels, Messengers, and righteous slaves.

O Allaah! Make me from Your beloved ones, as when You love a slave, You forgive his sins and accept his good deeds, even if they are little.

O Allaah! Carry us on board the ship of security, grant us the pleasure of intimate conversations with You, quench our thirst from the fountains of Your love, make us taste the sweetness of Your love. O Allah! Make us indulgent in Your worship, sincere in dealing with You. We have no power except with You.

You are our sole hope.

Is there anyone who tastes the sweetness of Your love and then seeks the help or love of anyone besides You?

Is there anyone who enjoys Your closeness and then seeks something else?

O Allah! Make me from those whom You have chosen for Your satisfaction and love.

O Allah! Make my love for You a guide that leads me to Your pleasure, and my longing for You a deterrent that keeps me from disobeying You.

O Allaah! Look upon me with the eye of love and satisfaction, and never turn Your face away from me.

I have no God or Lord but You.

My Master and Lord,

We can never find a host better or more kind than You! You are the best protector of the lonely ones and the fugitives; I extend my hand to be granted some of Your limitless pardon and generosity; so, do not afflict me with deprivation or loss.

Your satisfaction is our ultimate hope and wish! You are the ally of the righteous, and protector of the fearful, the One who fulfills the supplication of the distressed and poor, and the treasure of the destitute! O Allaah! You are the One who fulfills the needs of the destitute and the disadvantaged! You are the most Generous and most Merciful. I entreat You and complain to You! I stand at Your door, hoping to receive some blessings from You. Do not leave any love in our hearts for anyone other than You, except if it is for Your sake.

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