Sixth: Stage of age 7 to 10

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Sixth: Stage of age 7 to 10:

This is a stage (of high importance so we should not take it lightly. His mental and thinking abilities begin to increase in a good way, so he needs to be    accompanied and treated as a friend.

Through that we implant in him the idea of worshipping Allah the Almighty in a deep way. If we get him a gift for example and he said: "Thanks", we told him that Allah the Almighty also deserve thanking because He is the first provider so we say to the child: "What about your eyes, Are they dear to you?! Could you exchange them with the treasures of the earth?!", Also the two ears, the tongue and other body parts until the feeling of the value of the body parts becomes deep in his soul. Then we ask him the question "Who is so generous with us that he gave us these body parts? And how would our lives be if he did not give us them?!" So the body parts are the worthiest gift that Allah the Almighty gave us, after believing in Him, and it is a must to thank Him and no one else for His gifts) (19)
we can also watch this video with them about the names of Allah

It is also  important to build an optional educational rule for the child by enhancing him to read and rewarding him with a story; a simplified encyclopedia, a beneficial book or a valuable attractive magazine instead of sweets! But before we buy him something to read, we should regard carefully that we stay away for example from magazines like "mickey mouse ", "Superman", "Batman" and others like them which tell  stories that occur in a western environment and invade us with their strange customs and traditions , which negatively affect  our children so we should replace it for example by "Majid magazine" and "Salam wa Fursan Al-Khair" (Salam and the horsemen of goodness) which are issued in the united Arab of emirates and spread the religious and moral values among the children in a lovely kind way for him with the addition to educating and teaching him. Also the magazines of: "Al-Arabi Al-Sageer" (the little Arabian) and "Sa'd" which are issued in Kuwait.
There are also the following electronic magazines on the internet:


We can also go with him to a book shop ,or  library where we are sure that they sell  or have good books, then let him choose by himself. It is good to narrate for the child in this stage the story of prophet Yahia , peace be upon him, in order to be his model example; (Yahia was an example from the prophets in asceticism, reclusion and the lord love. He was shining love for all the creations. The people, the birds, the monsters, the deserts and the mountains loved him then his blood was shed because of a truthful word he uttered in front of unfair king about a prostitute dancer.

The scholars mention the favor of Yahia and give many examples for that; Yahia was at the same era of Jesus and he was his maternal relative (his mothers' cousin) The sunnah tells that Yahia and Jesus met one day so Jesus said to Yahia: Ask Allah to forgive me, you are better than me. Yahia said: Jesus, you ask Allah to forgive me, you are better than me. Jesus said: You are better than me. I greeted myself and Allah greeted you. This story indicates the favor of Yahia when Allah greeted him when he was born, passed away and when he will be resurrected alive.

It was said that theprophet of Allah; Mohammed, peace be upon him went one day to his companions and found them talking about the favors of the prophets. One said: Musa talked with Allah. One said: Jesus is the spirit of Allah and his word. And one said: Ibraham is the beloved of Allah_They kept on talking about the prophets. The messenger peace be upon him cut their speech when he saw them not mentioning Yahia: “Where is the martyr, the son of the martyr? He was wearing the pile and eating the trees leaves because he was afraid of the sin. Where is Yahia, the son of Zachariah?”

His birth was a miracle; Allah the Almighty granted to his father Zachariah after a long age until the old man give up from having an offspring. He comes after a pure supplication by which the heart of Zachariah moved. His childhood was far different from the lives of children; most of the children were playing while he was serious all the time. Some of the children were amused by killing the animals while Yahia was feeding the animals and the birds kindly and gently from his food while he stayed without food or used to eat the trees leaves or its fruits.

The more Yahia got older, the more his face shined and his heart was filled with wisdom, love of Allah, knowledge and peace. Yahia loved reading and he was reading in science since his childhood so when he became adult, the mercy of Allah called him: {O Yahia! take hold of the Book with strength, and We granted him wisdom while yet a child}

The order was to Yahia while he was adult to take the book in a strong way which means to study the book accurately , the book of religious rulings ,and be serious about obeying God's orders. Allah granted him the interest in the rulings knowledge and the ability to judge among people while he was still a boy.

He was the most knowledgeable and the wisest one in his time. He studied the rulings a comprehensive study; for this reason Allah gave him wisdom while he was a child. He was judging between people; explaining the secrets of religion for them, leading them to the rights path and aware them not to take the sins path.

Yahia grew older so his knowledge, his kindness, his gentleness by his parents, the people, the creations, the birds and the trees increased until the earth was full of his kindness and mercy. He was asking people to repent from the sins and was making prayer to Allah for them. There was not a man who hated Yahia or wished him harm. He was beloved for his kindness, purity, religiosity, knowledge and his favors. Then Yahia increased on that his asceticism. When he was standing between people to invite them to Allah, they cried from the love and devoutness. His true words affected their hearts because they were close to Allah’s vows.

A morning came and Yahia went to meet people. The “Masjid” was full with people, Yahia; the son of Zachariah stood and began speaking. He said: "Allah the Almighty revealed obligations for me to abide by and for you as well; to worship Allah alone without partners. Who share others with Allah in worshipping ,and worship other one is like a slave who was bought by his master subsequently he went to work for a master other than his master.!

Who wants his slave to be like that? He ordered you to pray because Allah looks at his slave while he is praying unless he turns away. So if you pray, be humble. He ordered you to fast and that is like a man who has pocket of nice smell perfume wherever he goes; the scent of the perfumed is smelled from him. And he ordered you to pray to Him the Almighty too much. That is like a man who his enemies wanted him so he went fast to a strong fort and sought refuge; thus the greatest fort is praying to Allah and there is no salvation without this fort.) (20) While for the girls we tell them, as much as they can understand the story of lady Merriam (Mary) and how she was ascetic and worshipped Allah the Almighty, how she passed a very hard test and how Allah The Almighty saved her from it by His power. 


 19- The same previous source.
-20- The prophets' stories: Yahya peace be upon him. A published article on the link: 

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