Searching for the truth_ Do not be upset!!

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There are many people who couldn't know Allah easily since the way towards knowing Him is not that easy. The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him): "the way to paradise is surrounded by hardships." 

Here, we will derive the example of a young Magus man who was responsible for sitting and keeping fire on for his Magus people.


The young man went out one day and met a group of Christians worshiping Allah in one of their monasteries. He wondered and had a feeling that they were right while he was not. Thereupon, he converted to their religion and was curious to know its source. Upon knowing that the people of this religion originally reside in Syria, he ceased the opportunity, left his homeland and went searching for them therein. He willingly worked as a servant to one of their priests and found him insincere; thereupon, he left him after his death. Then, he joined another priest who was on the right path and the young man followed his advice. After the death of that priest, the young man joined a third one who played a significant role in his life. 


The later advised the young man to follow the Prophet who will appear at that time, but in a different land and will be sent for different people. The young man went on his way searching for that Prophet, religion and god. He sold all his property to a group of traveling people in return for taking him to that land. They captured and enslaved him. It didn't take him long and finally he met Prophet Muhammad (pace and blessings be upon him) and he recognized him. The young man knew Allah.

This young man was Suleiman al-Farisi, the true searcher for truth, who crossed the desert from east to west searching for Allah, His Lord and he was a dutiful servant.


Dear honorable reader,

 If you have not known Allah yet, follow the footsteps of Suleiman, try to search and do your best to know Him. It is really a great pleasure upon truly reaching and knowing Allah. 













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