Rites of Day of ‘Arafah (the ninth of Thul-Hijjah)

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Rites of Day of ‘Arafah (the ninth of Thul-Hijjah):

 It is recommended for the pilgrim to proceed, after sunrise, from Mina to ‘Arafah; the whole area of ‘Arafah is a standing place except for the valley called Batn ‘Uranah. Thus, it is sufficient for a pilgrim to stand anywhere on that day within the boundaries of ‘Arafah.

When the sun passes its meridian, a pilgrim performs the Thuhr and ‘Asr Prayers, shortening and combining them at the due time of Thuhr Prayer (i.e. performing each as two Rak‘ahs instead of four) with one Athaan and two Iqaamah. Then the pilgrim should dedicate himself to Du‘aa’ in his place at ‘Arafah, facing the Qiblah. One should remain at ‘Arafah and keep reciting Du‘aa’ until the sunset.

Standing at ‘Arafah is one of the obligatory pillars of Hajj; rather, it is the most important and greatest pillar of it. Time of standing there starts from the dawn of the Day of ‘Arafah (ninth of Thul Hijjah) until the dawn of the tenth of Thul-Hijjah (the Day of Feast of Sacrifice)

When the sun sets on the Day of ‘Arafah (the ninth of Thul-Hijjah), pilgrims leave ‘Arafah setting out for Muzdalifah calmly and tranquility, seeking forgiveness, reciting Takbeer and Talbiyah.

Upon arriving at Muzdalifah, a pilgrim is to perform the Maghrib Prayer and the ‘Ishaa’ Prayers, shortening the ‘Ishaa’ to two Rak‘ahs and combining them with one Athaan and two Iqaamah.

A pilgrim then encamps at Muzdalifah and offers the Fajr Prayer at its due time. It is, also, recommended for the pilgrim to spend the night at Muzdalifah and offer the Fajr Prayer at its due time. After that, while standing at Muzdalifah, a pilgrim keeps on supplicating Allaah The Almighty until the daylight spends. Then, before sunrise, a pilgrim proceeds to Mina.

As regards feeble pilgrims, such as old people, women, children and the like, as well as those who take care of them, they are allowed to head for Mina after midnight or when the moon disappears, instead of waiting at Muzdalifah until dawn. 

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