Raja' must be accompanied by action

By Sheikh: Mohammed ibn Ibrahim al-Hamd

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Raja' must be accompanied by action

Scholars unanimously agreed that Raja' must be accompanied by action. This is because refraining from repentance and continuing committing sins calming to hope in Allah's mercy has nothing to do with Raja'. Rather, it is ignorance, immaturity and deception. This is because Allah's mercy is ever near to the righteous and not to the excessive wrongdoers, stubborn and those who are persistent in committing sins.

Ibn al-Qayim (may Allah have mercy on him) said concerning the excessive wrongdoers who depend on Allah's mercy: "Such kind of people completely depends on the texts that present Allah's mercy. When pointing fingers of blame to them due to their excessive sins, they list all what they know about Allah's comprehensive mercy and forgiveness. There are strange and unfamiliar stories about such kind of people"[1]. Then, he [ibn al-Qayim] gave numerous examples to such kind of people.


[1] Al-Jawab al-Kafi by ibn al-Qayim pages 67-68.

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