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Another false statement that evolutionists make is about how birds came about.

The reptile that the evolutionists claim is trying to fly.

Their tall tale is that reptiles living on trees started to jump from tree to tree, and while they were jumping, they developed wings. Yet another tall tale is that some reptiles trying to catch flies were running flapping their forearms, and these forearms turned into wings.

Isn't it ludicrous to imagine a dinosaur developing wings while running? Things like this only happen in stories or in cartoons.

There is an even more important subject. These evolutionists say that this big dinosaur developed its wings when it was trying to catch flies. Well, then how did the fly take off? Where did the fly's wings come from? Instead of explaining how an enormousdinosaur started to fly, let them just explain how the little fly started to fly!

You see, evolutionists can never explain this. As we explained earlier, the fly is one of the best flying creatures on earth. It can flap its wings 500 to 1000 times per second. As you know, it canmanoeuvre with extreme ease. No matter how many stories evolutionists tell, they still cannot explain how a bird's wings came about. They don't even want to think about the wings of a fly!

The truth is that Allah created birds and flies with their wings and the ability to fly


Let us just present you a few of the differences between reptiles and birds.

1. Birds have wings, but reptiles don't.

2. Birds have feathers, but reptiles have scales.

3. Birds have a unique skeletal system and their bones are hollow. This makes them lighter and makes it easier for them to fly.

These are just a few differences that immediately come to mind. There are many more differences between these creatures.

Birds could not have evolved from reptiles. They are both very different creatures. In this picture, you can see the difference between these two living classes.

If a species of reptile had turned into birds, there ought to have been many creatures that had lived in between the reptiles and the birds representing the phases of this change.

Fossil hunters should have been able to come across at least one of these fossils. That is, there must have been creatures with half wings, half feathered and half scaled bodies, half beaks and half mouths, and their fossils should have been found, but no such creature exists among the many fossils on earth. The fossils that are found belong either to a complete reptile or to a complete bird. This means that birds did not evolve from reptiles. Allah created birds just as He has created all other living things.

However, since evolutionists don't want to accept this, they try to convince people by inventing stories. How?

They have found the fossil of a bird called the Archaeopteryx and they have said that this bird is a transitional form between a dinosaur and a bird. They said, "The Archaeopteryx is the ancestor of all birds". To them, this is a creature that resembles a bird but is in fact a half dinosaur.

But this is false.

The Archaeopteryx is a complete bird!


1. The Archaeopteryx had feathers just like the birds of our time.

2. The Archaeopteryx had the same chest-bone, to which its wings were attached, as other flying birds.

3. The Archaeopteryx cannot be the ancestor of all birds, because fossils of birds that are more ancient than it have been found

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