Name of Allah Al-Haqq

Name of Allah Al-Haqq

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 Name of Allah Al-Haqq (The Truth):

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family and companions.

Almighty Allah says

So Exalted is Allah, the Sovereign, the Truth

Al-Mu'minun: 116

Almighty Allah informs us about Him saying

Allah is the Truth

Al-Hajj: 6

Almighty Allah says

Allah, the Sovereign, the Truth

Taha: 114/Al-Mu'minun: 166

Almighty Allah says

Allah, their true Lord

Al-An'am: 62

Almighty Allah says

Allah, your Lord, the Truth

Younes: 32

Meanings and Denotations of Allah's Name Al-Haqq:

1- His Existence is true and only atheists argue about it.

2- His Oneness is true and only the astray and adherents of the Trinity argue about it.

3- His Lordship is true and only a Pharaoh argues about it.

4- His Divinity is true and only polytheists argue about it.

5- His Names are true, and His attributes are true because their meanings are true unlike the creation, some may be called Sultan or Master while he is actually a servant, or he might be described as generous while he is cheap, or he might be called courageous while he is a coward.

6- His universal (kawni) will is true, what Allah wills happens and what He does not will does not happen.

7- His legislative (shari') will is true because Allah is far from oppression and tyranny.

8- His Saying is true because it is void of any lying or falsehood.

9- His Messengers who guide the people are true.

10- His Book is true, without increase or decrease.

11- His Promise is true, the good doers will go to Paradise and the bad doers will go to Hell.

12- He created the heavens and the earth with truth to examine and test humans, the good doers are to be rewarded and the bad doers are to be punished. Almighty Allah did not create the heavens and the earth in vain, also humans are not created in vain.

13- Almighty Allah says the truth, decrees with truth, establishes the truth, projects the truth and Allah is not shy of the truth, He abolishes and erases falsehood.

Worshipping Allah by His name Al-Haqq:

1- The Muslim should believe in the true God, and disbelieve in all the false gods.

2- We should only speak the truth about the Names and Attributes of Allah, and we should not say doubtful things or guess, because that is false.

3- Whoever believes that Allah's Names and Attributes are true should be characterized by some of these attributes like mercy, generosity and forgiveness.

4- Whoever believes that Allah's universal will is true will be content with the Divine Will and Decree and he will never oppose Allah's decree.

5- Whoever believes that Allah's legislative will is true will commit to religion, follow His commands and avoid His prohibitions.

6- Whoever believes that Allah Promise is true will be assured that He will give victory to His religion and empower His obedient servants.

7- Whoever believes that Allah's reckoning of people's deeds is true will make an effort to increase in good deeds to be a winner on the Last Day by entering Paradise. He will follow the guidance of Islam and work hard to purify his heart from any false beliefs so that the only thing that remains in his heart is the truth which is revealed by the truth from Al-Haqq (The Truth).

8- Whoever believes in Allah's Name Al-Haqq shall fulfill rights to their holders.

9- Messengers and Prophets are true, they show people the way to the truth but people do not follow this truth except when Almighty Allah wills, i.e. when Allah guides their hearts to embrace the truth.

10- The best of Jihad is saying a word of truth spoken before an unjust ruler.

11- Death is the truth, resurrection is the truth, judgment is the truth, Paradise is the truth, and Hellfire is the truth.

12- The People of the Scripture withhold the truth, they conceal the truth with falsehood, kill prophets without any right and think of Allah other than the truth.

13- It is not right to use the word 'maybe' about Allah's actions, it is a word to describe the actions of His creation, but everything Allah decrees is true and certain.

14- The truth means truthfulness, righteousness, fact, merit, diligence, duty, justice, guidance and insight.

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