Judgment’s Attribution to Jesus

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B. Judgment’s Attribution to Jesus

The Bible speaks of Jesus (PBUH) as the Judge of all creations on the Day of Judgment. Paul said, I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by his appearing and his kingdom.”(2Ti. 4/1) Christians present this passage as evidence of his divinity, because the Torah says, for God himself is judge.”(Psalms 50: 6).

However, other passages prove the contrary, and prevent Jesus (PBUH) from being judge, For God did not send his Son into the world to judge the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. He that believeth on him is not judged: he that believeth not hath been judged already, because he hath not believed on the name of the only begotten Son of God.” (John 3/17 ASV). Therefore, Jesus will never judge anyone. 

John confirmed this again by saying, If anyone hears my words and does not keep them, I do not judge him. For, I did not come to judge the world but to save the world. The one who rejects me and does not receive my words has a judge. Allah (S.W) and his statute)the word that I have spoken will judge him on the last day.”(John 12:47-48)

Jesus (PBUH), whom Christians claim to be the Judge of all, could not guarantee heaven for his cousins and disciples, sons of Zebedee, because Allah (S.W) did not give him this authority. He, who cannot do so, is incapable of having absolute Judgment. The mother of the two sons came to Jesus (PBUH). After he asked her about her inquiry, she said, “Say that these two sons of mine are to sit, one at your right hand and one at your left, in your kingdom. Jesus answered,… but to sit at my right hand, and at my left is not mine to grant, but it is for those for whom it has been prepared by my Father.” (Matthew 20/20-22).

If Christians still insist that the judgment is one of Jesus’ (PBUH) acts (PBUH), then many others share that with him. Among those are his twelve disciples, including the betrayer Judas. Jesus said to them,“Truly, I say to you, in the new world, when the Son of Man will sit on his glorious throne, you who have followed me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.’’(Matthew19/28), (see also Luke 22/30)

Paul and the other saints will judge not only the people, but also the angels and the entire world as well. He said, Or do you not know that the saints will judge the world?... Do you not know that we are to judge angels?’(Cor.(1) 6/2-3). They will judge the angels and the whole world but they are not gods, thus, judgment cannot be evidence of divinity, unless we consider all of the above mentioned, gods.  

It is worth mentioning here that Jesus’ judgment of people -if it is true – is a gift from Allah (S.W) to Jesus the man; he performs it based on his humanity, And he has given him authority to execute judgment, because he is the Son of Man.”(John 5/27).


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