If Allah The Almighty loves you, He could…

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  If Allah The Almighty loves you, He could…

  • Grant you faith and raise your rank in His Sight:‘Abdullaah ibn Mas‘ood, may Allaah be pleased with him, said,

Allaah The Almighty gives wealth to those whom He loves and those whom He does not love, while He does not grant faith except to those whom He loves. So, whoever holds money too dearly to spend it (in the cause of Allaah The Almighty) and is prevented by fear of the enemy from fighting and is not diligent enough to stand up at night in worship, should often repeat: La ilaaha illa Allaah, and Subhaana Allaah, and Al-hamdulillaah, and Allaahu akbar (There is no deity except Allaah, and All glory be to Allaah, and All praise is due to Allaah, and Allaah is The Greatest). [At-Tabaraani] [Al-Albaani: Saheeh]

If you have been granted faith, you are immune from doubts and uncertainty. You are in dire need for this today, because trials are approaching like mountainous waves and most people are deviant -- except those upon whom Allaah The Almighty has mercy.

If you attain the status of a believer in the sight of Allaah The Almighty, then you should rejoice and expect all that is good, because Allaah The Almighty will be with you to save you from all evil and endow you with His satisfaction and pleasure. Allaah The Almighty even pledges to defend the believers, when He Says (what means):

{And give good tidings to the believers that they will have from Allaah great bounty.}

[Quran 33:47]

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