He is the Most Compassionate..

Abdullah ibn Mushabbib al-Qahtāni

He is the most worthy of being remembered, worshiped, and thanked for His benevolence and mercy.

Wherever you look, you will see signs of Allah’s mercy in this universe, the greatest of which is the divine revelation.

{...And We have sent down to you the Book as clarification for all things and as guidance and mercy and good tidings for the Muslims.}

[Surat an - Nahl: 89]

If the land becomes arid, famine and drought hit, and afflictions get tough, the mercy of Allah descends.

{And it is He Who sends  down the rain after they had despaired and spreads His mercy. And He is the Protector, the Praiseworthy.}

[Surat ash-Shūra: 28]

When torment befell people, men wept, women screamed, children panicked,and horror prevailed, the mercy of Allah descended upon His sincere servants.

{And when Our command came, We saved Hūd [Heber] and those who believed with him, by mercy from Us...}

[Surat Hūd: 58]

{And when Our command came, We saved Shu‘ayb [Jethro] and those who believed with him, by mercy from Us...}

[Surat Hūd: 94]

We cannot achieve our desires or get our needs fulfilled except through the Most Compassionate Lord. 

Everything happens according to His will. There is no power nor strength in the entire universe except through Him.

Out of His mercy, He sent His messengers to us.

Out of His mercy, He revealed His books to us.

Out of His mercy, He brought us out of misguidance into guidance.

Out of His mercy, He guided us out of blindness.

Out of His mercy, He taught us what we did not know.

Out of His mercy, He subjected the sun and moon for our benefit, created the night and day, and leveled the land.

Out of His mercy, He created Paradise and will admit its dwellers therein where they will lead a blissful life.

Out of His mercy, Allah Almighty created mercy as a hundred parts, each of it is as great as the distance between the heaven and earth. Out of these, He sent just one part of mercy to the earth, which He spread among His creation so that they can show mercy to one another. With this mercy, a mother shows compassion to her child. Indeed, the whole world and its system relies upon this  mercy.

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