So, be with Allah and He will be with you

Abdullah ibn Mushabbib al-Qahtāni

If a person does not go to his Lord willingly, he will do so under the compulsion of need and necessity.
We should stand humble before Allah Almighty and call Him when we are in distress.

Indeed, the All-Generous Lord responds to those who call upon Him.

When people suffer hardships, distress, and severe crises and they become totally helpless, they call out saying: O Allah!

When a person becomes seriously ill and doctors cannot treat him, he calls out: O Allah! When the sea becomes rough and dark, those on a boat call out: O Allah! When the land becomes arid and people suffer famine and drought, they call out: O Allah!

He is Allah, the refuge at times of distress, the companion at times of loneliness, and the supporter at times of weakness.

People are too powerless to cause any harm or bring about any benefit not predestined by Allah Almighty. So, let your heart be deeply attached to Allah Almighty.

All ropes get cut off except for His rope, and all doors get closed except for His door.

{Is He [not best] Who responds to the desperate one when he calls upon Him and removes evil...} 

[Al -Naml: 62]

Al-Nasafi (may Allah have mercy upon him) said: “Al-Wāsiti said: ‘Whoever asks from Allah alone will not be in need, and whoever seeks honor from Allah will not be humiliated.’” Al - Husayn said: “A person becomes self - sufficient as much as he stands in need before Allah.”

O you who are in distress, rejoice, for indeed your distress will be relieved. Despair may sometimes take its toll upon you; but Allah brings ease after hardship. So, if you are afflicted, put your trust in Allah and be content with whatever He wills, for you have none but Him.

Rejoice, for relief will come to you from Allah.Do not lose hope, for your needs will be fulfilled by Allah. Do not show impatience, for Allah is the One Who predestined all things and He is the One Who removes afflictions. So, Allah is sufficient for You in everything.

There is no god except Allah. O Allah, we have not worshiped You as properly as You deserve.

O Allah, I ask You Paradise and the words and deeds that bring one closer to it, and I seek refuge in You from Hellfire and from the words and deeds that bring one closer to it.

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